Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation schedule

Crane Show Pigs is on vacation.

There will not be any semen collections/shipments Thursday (6/24); Monday (6/30); and Thursday (7/3).

Emails and phone calls will be returned after July 4th.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Pit Bull x Drop Shot x Double Cross

Stress negative

Bred by: Ryan Watje/WD Swine Farm - Turlock, California

Owned by & Housed at: Crane Show Pigs - Pritchett, Colorado 

Welcome "BLUE DIAMOND" to Crane Show Pigs - purchased for $36,000 in Ryan Watje/WD Farms's online sale. Sire: Pit Bull; and Dam is COTTON CANDY.

COTTON CANDY is the same dam as “Big Affair” (at WD Farms) and “Droppin Swag” (at Heimer Hamps & Stohlquist Farms). 

Big Affair is the sire of Sky’s the Limit ($380,000 WORLD RECORD Champion Crossbred Boar at the 2013 Fall Classic). 

This "Watje Blue" boar will be housed at Crane Show Pigs, as well. Semen will be available in March. $250/dose. 10 dose contract at $200/dose. Stress status:NEGATIVE. There will be no overrun.

Here is a side-by-side video comparison of BLUE DIAMOND (on the left), with SKY'S THE LIMIT (on the right). Both hogs raised by, and driven by Ryan Watje WD Swine. BLUE DIAMOND semen: $250/dose; SKY'S THE LIMIT semen: $3,000/dose. 

Crane Show Pigs is PEDv FREE. 
To book semen on BLUE DIAMOND, please call: 719-353-1535

YouTube Doubler

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Sale Flyer

Phone reservations for on-the-farm visits begin Saturday,  February 8th. We will take appointments for March and April visits. Pigs are available for viewing by appointment only!! We show pigs from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.,  seven days-a-week in March and April.  All pigs are pre-priced, and are available via private treaty. This is not an auction format, nor will there be other people looking at pigs during YOUR appointment.  Appointments are TWO HOURS in length and you are expected to be on-time. If you are late, please note, we will not hold up the party scheduled behind you. 

If you can't make it to the farm, Crane Show Pigs offers a custom order service, complete with FREE DELIVERY. Below are delivery dates and locations. Custom orders are hand selected by Steve, based on your criteria (show date, breeds, sex, and what price range you want). Pigs on our delivery trips are all pre-sold. On delivery day, we do not sell off the trailer, and we do not bring extras. If you would like to place a custom showpig order, we will begin taking those orders on Monday, February 10th. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

2014 - here we go!

Farrowing begins here again in just a few short days. The first wave of females go into the farrowing barn on Christmas Day! We are excited to announce that we have 100+ elite females bred for Spring litters.

Our Spring 2014 sale flyers will be mailed out in mid-January. If you are not currently on our mailing list, please use the 'Contact Us' box to the left of this page, to send us your complete postal mailing address.

We begin taking phone calls for March/April on-the-farm appointments in mid-February. Custom orders for our free delivery trips will begin in early March.

All pigs sold by Crane Show Pigs are sold via private treaty. Each pig is pre-priced, and we have pigs priced for all budgets. No bidding!

With more than 200 Champions in 24 months, in seven different states - our customers know how to win. And, it all starts with a showpig from a winning program!

Crane Show Pigs is just that kind of program! Raising showpigs is all we do. We live it, we breath it, and we excel at it. This isn't a hobby venture - it is our sole profession.

Check out our winner's pages - both photos and lists. Our winner's list is constantly being added to - with the most recent being the at the December 2013 Winter Extravaganza in Dumas, Texas...
Crane-bred barrows won both OVERALL GRAND and OVERALL RESERVE, as well as, Champion York and Champion Hamp.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Locked N' Loaded

Locked N' Loaded
Colt 45 x Hillbilly Bone
23-1, bred by Stohlquist Show Pigs
Owned by, and housed at Crane Show Pigs

Here he is...
Let's be honest, there's a lot of buzz about his young boar. Farm traffic has increased since we got this guy home in September. We live on the plains of Southeast Colorado, and we've had Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas guys already travel here just to see him.

Some of their comments have been:
"Good heavens, he IS the real deal." 
"He looks even better in person. And that was a helluva good picture" 
"Look at him move, God, I'm in love" 
...and other excited, and often, profanity laden comments that came from thrilled and charged-up, pig guys.

Phone calls have increased.
Texts and emails have increased
"Please tell me you're going to sell semen on him" 
"Don't tell me you're going to use him exclusively, that'd kill me..."
"I'll take his entire first collection..."
"Can I partner with you on him..."

So, here's the scoop folks....

Semen to be available Spring 2014
Stress status pending
Video and more photos coming soon. 

His pedigree reads like a Who's Who of Champions....
His dam raised the Grand Champion Gilt at the 2013 Indiana State Fair.
The dam of Colt 45 was a littermate sister to the Overall Grand Barrow at the 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show. And, his grand-dam is an elite Rick Whitman sow.

Plus, two of Locked N' Loaded's barrow littermates sold at the 2013 Breeder's Best Sale for $12,500 and $7,500.

Colt 45 (Swagger x Super Monster) - stress negative
Hillbilly Bone (Doolittle Raid x Fatal Attraction) - stress negative 

...and yes, it is true.
We liked Locked N' Loaded so much that we also bought his littermate sister, 23-6

"Annie Oakley 23-6" is the latest addition to our elite sow herd.

Locked N' Loaded's littermate sister
Colt 45 x Hillbilly Bone
23-6, bred by Stohlquist
Owned by and housed at Crane Show Pigs

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Private Treaty Sale Dates

We've had more than 200 Champions in the last 24 months, and the wait is over - we're ready to open the barn and offer up this amazing set of Fall litters.  Call 719-353-1535 to schedule your appointment.

Pigs are offered via Private Treaty or via 
Custom Order for delivery into Texas and Oklahoma.

Sept 21 - 1st date for Phoenix/Denver pigs
Pigs shown by appointment only

Sept 28 - 1st date for early January show/Fort Worth pigs
Pigs shown by appointment only

Oct. 12 - 1st date for San Antonio age pigs
Pigs shown by appointment only

Oct. 26 - 1st date for Houston/OYE/Austin age pigs
Pigs shown by appointment only 

Res. Champion Heavyweight Cross - 2013 Colorado State Fair
Overall Reserve Grand Champion - 2013 Colorado State Fair
Bought off the farm - October 2012
One of the many pigs that our customers put in the sale at Houston
Bought off the farm - October 2012

Private treaty sales are conducted on-the-farm,  7-days a week, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Private treaty allows you to see them all and find pigs that fit your show dates, feeding program, and budget. Our appointments are 2-hour long blocks of time - and you are the only one scheduled at that time period. No other groups/families looks at pigs, during your appointment. Because of this, it is imperative that you be ON TIME for your scheduled appointment. If you are LATE - you only get the remaining time left in your appointment...we will not make the group/family scheduled after you wait!! It pays to be on-time so please plan your trip accordingly.  

All pigs are pre-priced. There is no bidding!  We have pigs priced for all budgets. Our pigs are 'what you see, is what you get'. They are not clipped or washed, and most importantly of all, they HAVE NOT been given Paylean or milk to boost their appearance. Our pigs won't 'deflate' when you take them home!

We have 75 litters this year of pigs the right age for Denver, Phoenix, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, OYE and Austin. Litters include hamps and crosses, as well as, papered hogs: Yorks, Chesters, Durocs, and Landrace.

We are located 3 hours north of Amarillo, Texas, in the very SE corner of Colorado.


Oct. 5 - To Ring of Success - Levelland, Texas
TBD (late Oct/early Nov) - Texas delivery trip for San Antonio/Houston age pigs
Nov. 20-23 - To NSR Fall Classic - Duncan, Oklahoma - for Houston/OYE/Austin pigs

For our 2012 delivery trip
Another winner hand picked by Steve and bought sight unseen!

From our 2012 delivery trip
Another winner hand picked by Steve & bought sight unseen!
Please watch our Facebook page: Crane Show Pigs for the latest news. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Overall Reserve Champion - Colorado State Fair

Congratulations to Caleb Yocam for ending his show career, by winning Overall Reserve Grand Champion at the 2013 Colorado State Fair with his Crane-bred gilt! Here's a photo summary of the success Caleb had with "Bronco".

If you watch our Facebook page, you may remember how we told you "Bronco" was passed over and missed - time and time again - by on-the-farm, private treaty customers.

We know our litters are deep...and it makes this win that much sweeter knowing that Caleb had a summer full of success, with this 'leftover' champion!
Overall Reserve Grand Champion
Res. Champion Cross
Champion Middleweight Cross
2013 Colorado State Fair
Judge: Kane Causemaker - Atkinson, IL

Res. Grand Champion Overall and Champion Dark Cross
2013 Anthony Ingo Memorial Show, show #2 - Pueblo, CO
Judge: Kevin Kellogg, Laramie, WY
Res. Champion Overall and Champion Dark Cross
2013 Stan Brehon Memorial Show - Kersey, CO
Judge: Kyle Stephens - Amarillo, TX

Grand Champion Overall and Champion Cross
2013 Grant County Spring Show - Ulysses, KS
Judge: Brady Ragland - Lubbock, TX

Class Winner
2013 All-American Buckle & Banner Prospect Show - Greeley, CO
Judge: Will Winter - Idalou, TX

We are now taking appointments for on-the-farm private treaty sales for Phoenix, Denver and Fort Worth age pigs. And, we are also taking custom orders for the above age pigs - with FREE DELIVERY to the Ring of Success sale in Levelland, Texas on October 5th. 

For San Antonio, Houston, OYE and Austin litters...keep watching our Facebook page for announcements on when we'll start opening the barn for them. FYI - The dam of "Bronco" has a litter of Soul Train pigs this time. And, they are going to be the perfect age for San Antonio! 

Check out our September Purple Circle ad: